Troy Bonar

"The Safety SamuraI"


Strategic specialist who has been EVERYWHERE from RETAIL TO oil field. 

Troy's broad range of professional experience, communication skills and knowledge make his various  expertise extremely valuable to your organization's future.

Professional keynote speaker, group training, and customized workshops to take your team to the next level.


Speaking & Workshops

Award winning books, media and resources designed to assist you in your journey to excellence!


Troy Bonar uses surveys, interviews, and observation to conduct a comprehensive service audit.


  • Keynote Speaking
  • On-site audits
  • Team Building
  • Change Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Leadership Workshops
  • Regulatory Training
  • KPI measurement
  • Legal compliance

Executive Coaching Programs

Educational Materials

“Troy Bonar was easy to work with and made our networking event fun and enjoyable for everyone there."

"The best instructor we ever had"

"Troy tells it like it is and the group responded as desired!"

"His strategic planning capabilities have helped our look ahead tremendously."